The U.S. National Academy of Public Administration and the IBM Center for The Business of Government released the special report ‘The Road to Agile Government—Driving Change to Achieve Success‘. The report describes the role of the Agile Government Center (AGC) including its use of agile principles to help drive government improvements. The report discusses how these principles can be used to improve government outcomes and build trust in government.

Key Points

  • The report outlines what it says is the compelling reasons for transitioning to an agile environment, including:
    • Bringing together, and moving forward, all parts of an organization or network in a crisis
    • Helping to build trust in government by improving outcomes for the public and increasing customer satisfaction
    • Reducing the complexity and increasing the efficiency of government
  • The report outlines Agile Government Principles:
  • The paper outlines the current state of agile
  • How an agile government can improve operational outcomes
  • Key recommendations, including:
    • Analyze your organization to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and use this analysis to guide how to apply agile principles
    • Create or leverage a burning platform to drive change
    • Consider agile at all levels of government, including projects, programs, agencies, and the whole of government
    • Analyze results in line with established metrics and use evidence to inform decisions





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